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Is it legal to the company's activities?

LUMEX LTD is a private limited by shares liability company incorporated under the Companies Act 2006. The document was issued by the UK Companies House in Cardiff on June 19, 2019 and confirmed by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.

What does your company do?

Lumex - financial organization registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We take cryptocurrency as collateral and issue a loan, some of which we use for safe trading on the stock exchange, which gives us the opportunity to attract investment capital and scale the project.

Are returns guaranteed?

Returns are secured by digital assets that are frozen on company's accounts.

How to register?

Fill out the registration form, read the rules and privacy policy of the company. If you agree with all the points, check the box and click the register button. After that, the system will automatically redirect you to your personal account.

What are the requirements for investors?

Investors must be over 21 years old and have at least a single investment experience.

How many accounts can create one member?

The system does not provide for the possibility of one member registering several personal accounts. Creating such is a violation of the Rules. Logging into different accounts from the same IP address is recognized by the system as a violation and such accounts can be blocked.

What should I do if I can not I register?

As a rule, difficulties arise because the user incorrectly fills in the form fields (forbidden characters, signs, etc.). Check how right you have indicated the necessary information.

What should I do if I cannot log in to my account because I forgot my password?

Please use the appropriate password recovery form.

Where can I read about investment plans?

You can view the company's investment offer here

Is my initial investment included in the profit?

Yes. According to the terms of our investment proposal, your basic investment is included in the daily dividend and is not refundable at the end of the term.

How long after the opening of the investment package dividends are calculated?

The first accrual on your investment will occur exactly 24 hours after its activation.

Is it possible to get a partner reward without a personal investment?

Yes. You can receive a standard reward from investments created by first-level partners without having your own contribution.

Which payment system and in which currency can I create a payment request?

The funds will be paid only to the payment system from which the investment was made and only in the currency in which it was created.

What is the term for investment plans?

Each investment plan is designed for a certain percentage of profits for investors. As soon as the activated investment reaches a fixed percentage of profit, the term comes to end.

Which payment systems and currencies are available?

Operating payment systems include Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Visa, Mastercard. Deposits can be activated in USD, EUR, RUR and in cryptocurrencies.

Does the service of the company charge any fees when depositing funds to the balance?

When depositing funds, our company does not charge any additional fees. However, please note that payments may be subject to fees by the payment system.

Is it possible to open multiple investments at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. Each registered investor has the right to open an unlimited number of investments.

Can I use funds on my account balance to open a new investment?

Cash on the balance of the investor can be withdrawn or used to open new investments.

How and when can I withdraw funds?

Funds can be withdrawn at any time. Application processing time - 3 business days from the date of submission. The minimum amount for withdrawal is set as follows:
USD - 1 RUR - 2000 BTC - 0.000800 ETH - 0.006000 LTC - 0.012000 XRP - 2.5

What will happen if the course of Bitcoin falls strongly or rises?

For insurance against sudden short-term fluctuations in the course of determining the amount of collateral, a reduction coefficient of 30% is applied, i.e. the amount of collateral… The percentage is determined on the basis of a retrospective analysis of changes in the Bitcoin rate. The reduction coefficient is equally beneficial for both the lender and the borrower. Bitcoin rate is constantly increasing, but it drastically change in short periods. Using a reduction coefficient provides more guarantees for the stability of the transaction to both the lender and the borrower.

What is the loan term and interest rate?

The loan term and its rate are set by the borrower when creating a loan application. The lender chooses the loan rate most suited for him.

What is the loan currency?

You choose the currency during the application procedure. Today Biterest allows you to place applications in more than 60 currencies.

Which affiliate program does the company offer to its partners?

We have developed an extensive partnership program that will allow our leading partners to achieve greater results. The career includes 10 leadership statuses and by advancing your status you receive bonuses from $ 200 to $ 50000, that can be further invested, which will increase your daily passive income. After each status the percentage you receive from your partners’ deposits will increase, followed by the number of levels from which you can receive it.

How to become a company partner?

In order to become a member of the affiliate program, you need to get a referral link which will be used by your invited investors to register in the system. The link will be available to you immediately in your account after registration.

How will the company use my personal data?

All personal information provided by the user can be used by the company solely for the fulfillment of obligations and investment activities.

How secure is my personal information from third parties?

We store all information on special, dedicated servers, which have the highest level of information protection. All data is transmitted through a secure data encryption gateway, so your data is inaccessible to other users as well as to third parties.