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About Us

Lumex is a financial organization registered in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, operating under the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

Since its establishment, Lumex has strived towards providing open access to finance and improving financial infrastructure in the market.

That kind of access had to be fast, all-purpose and unbiased, and it became possible only after the creation and mass adoption of blockchain technologies.

We took those core values as the underlying basis for our platform and created a highly accessible and fast operating system.

The key constituent of the successful platform would be the working capital. After careful planning and analysis, we introduced that key component, giving our partners the opportunity to generate profit.

How it works

We collateralize cryptocurrency and issue a loan in the amount of 45% of the market value. The loan rate is 0.8% per day. 63.4% are frozen on the company's accounts, thereby ensuring a safe ratio of 70% of the asset value.

The remaining 35.7% are used for safe trading on the stock market. According to our algorithm, the working capital increases from 1.15% to 1.5% per day in safe mode, thereby ensuring a minimum of 0.41% of the total amount.

Combining these two components, we can get 1.21 - 1.53% of income per day.

The aforementioned income provides an opportunity to attract investment capital at 1% per day and scale the project.

Our only limitation is the amount of working capital that we attract from investors.

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How it works


An automated algorithm processes applications and provides the service accordingly. Premium-class encryption.

Freedom of Return

At any time the borrower may decide not to repay the loan, due to a lower asset rate, etc. In this case, the rights are transferred to the lender.

Full compliance

We operate in accordance with the rules and regulation of the United Kingdom.